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The opportunity for students to discover their birthdate and glyph in the Maya calendar

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iInteractive web module where students can create their own Maya name glyphs

When a city kid from Boston gets lost in the perilous rainforest, a local Maya girl comes to his rescue. Together, these teens from different worlds take off on a series of fast, thrilling, and laugh-out-loud funny adventures that explore Maya culture, mythology, and the meaning of belonging.

- high-level language use made accessible through a highly engaging and fast-paced story.

- explores interactions between different cultures, such as ancient/modern Maya, present-day North/Central America,  Maya/conquistadors, Maya/Aztecs, city/forest dwellers.

- wide-ranging, story-embedded references to rainforest ecosystems.

- contains rich visuals:

illustrations and maps

throughout the text

and in the extensive


iWeb pages of up-to-date info on the Ancient Maya: calendar, math, number system,

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