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Doña Marina/Malinche (Cortés’ translator): Traitor, Victim, or Survivor?

A) Lesson plan,  B) Primary source pack

Writing in Maya Glyphs (45 pages, 2.96 MB)

Using Chapter 2 in this PDF, students in grades K-12 can learn to write their names in ancient Maya glyphs.

Maya Calendar Round: Lesson plan on the Maya calendar & time keeping.

Make a Maya Calendar: step by step guide to make a Tzolk'in calendar wheel.

Mesoballgame.org: four lesson plans linked to the award winning website on the Mesoamerican ballgame:

1. Paper face masks

2. Clay effigy

3. Headdress & costumes

4. Ballgame figurines

Play Bul: Recreate the Ancient Maya warrior game of chance. For a description of the game and how to play click here, for more info click here.

Weaving: Build a simple backstrap loom and weave the way the Maya did. Project instructions here.

Free Maya Lesson Pans

We search the web to find the best free Maya Lesson Plans available. If you've come across any that we haven't we'd appreciate it if you let us know.  Also, we're always delighted to post any of your students Jaguar Stones and Maya related artwork, writing and projects on our website.

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